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Ten Year Tenure
Period of prayer from 2011-2021


The Voice That Gathers
The voice of the Shepherd gathers the sheep. The voice of the under-shepherds should do the same.


The Innkeeper
Are you an Innkeeper?


Restoration of America: A Doctrine of Property; by Karla Perry

   "Without a philosophy of the right to property, a society cannot maintain the economic structure necessary for a free people."


Rebuild the Cobblestone Roads
I had a dream  that someone said to me, "If you want to do something for your country then rebuild the cobblestone roads."  So, of course, I did a little research on cobblestone roads. This is what I found.


The Resting Place (Video): by Bill Johnson
Pastor Bill Johnson of Bethel Church speaks about prayer and the abiding presence of the Holy Spirit. A vital message for all who pray!


Two Degrees of Mercy: Wound Care Part One
   Two levels of mercy are revealed through the Good Samaritan and the Innkeeper


The Liberty Bell
  God established this country as a free country, however we know that true freedom comes only from the Spirit of the Lord. We might be independent, especially from oppressive religion, however we must never be independent from the Spirit of God which brings true liberty.


Between the Two: Wound Care Part Two

   The Lord comes as a Good Samaritan, and as the Good Shepherd, to find and rescue those who are lost and wounded.


You are a Politician!

   Every citizen of the United States of America is a politician. America is a republic, which means that it is governed by the people. The highest authority in the land is not the President or Congress, it's the people.